Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Pill

I have been getting ever increasingly bad periods since late last year, they were amazingly fine after i had our miscarriage.

I saw the specialist gynae at the ivf clinic last week and he said that the only thing i could do to sort out my haywire periods and the abdominal ovulation pain is to put me on the pill or to do the ivf. Well we cannot do the ivf right now due to other factors in place so my umm-ing and ahh-ing over The Pill has been decided with week by an absolute BASTARD of a period. I want to retire to bed with a heated sheet wrapped round me and 4 dozen glazed ring donuts from Krispy Kreme and a few packs of painkillers. I look about 6 months pregnant with swelling and am wearing the baggiest top i own and am in maternity pants. My hormones are causing swollen infected cysts under my skin on my face instead of the odd spot and i'm on my second lot of antibiotics to clear the infection and retire the swelling. I'm also growing a beard.

Being female is THE WORST.

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