Saturday, 30 August 2014

I am, quite obviously, rubbish at blogging.

I haven't done a blog post for quite some time. My apologies. I know you read this a lot, but i will try to post more.

This year i have been on a metaphorical rollercoaster. In order of events:-

  • Our beautiful house has been on the market since last autumn. It has not sold. We even changed vendors. Hubster hates this house. I like parts of this house. The schools are not great however and its the wrong layout. And we have a really nice neighbour 2 doors away.
  • Take up rubbing. Love it.
  • Shop i work in has to close due to landlords refusing to renew lease. Redundancies happen and another girl and myself transfer stores.
  • We got to the start of IVF. Finally we got to the point where i could start those evil injections and the egg collection would be underway.
  • Super Hot Heat Wave
  • We couldn't go ahead with the IVF. The week before they were due to start we found out i was pregnant!
  • Give Up running for time being.
  • Got a stomach bug.
  • Saw Wicked the musical in Leeds.
  • Got Food Poisoning from bad sushi after going emergency bra shopping.
  • 'Baby' gives me hatred of Pineapple. Hubs has to hide cans from cupboards.
  • Lost 16lbs
  • Told by doctors my wisdom teeth have to come out as they're growing into my skull. Ow.
  • Get New Car. Its lovely. Cry entire way to garage to swap my old Polo out.
  • Met Felicia in person!
  • Loose Baby. 8 weeks 5 days. Devastating.
  • Get new boiler to replace one we've fought with for 5 years.

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