Monday, 6 January 2014


I am Gluten and Dairy intolerant. It sucks.

This Christmas though I found a small delight in Sainsbury's Free From range, which was a nice surprise as i'm usually not that pleased with them. They produced Chocolate Christmas Log. Five slices of sweet heaven. I'm guessing they won't be continuing them throughout the year...

My other cake-staple is Hale & Hearty Chocolate Brownie Mix which is awesome for brownies, obvs, but if you buy their super boxes then there is a recipe on the back for Chocolate Muffins. They are amazing. I add Chia Sees to the Brownies (and sometimes Nuts or Marshmallows) and sometimes chilli flakes to the muffins. AWESOME.

But the best?

Incognito Cakes' White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins. TO DIE FOR. Seriously.
firstly each one is HUGE. bigger than my fist, sprinkled in brown sugar and full of chunks of white choc, and raspberries. AMAZING. Their Carrot Cake is also amazing, but hard to eat on my own... when i went down to Derbyshire and popped in to see them and pick up an order I was presented with testers and I also received some samples for their new mixes and they were also amazing. The only thing that makes them expensive is the postage. And another thing? They're really lovely people :)

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